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New Products

March 2014


AMC58103 8-Slot PXI Express Chassis

The AMC58103 eight-slot chassis features a high-bandwidth backplane with PXI Express capability in every slot to meet a wide variety of high-performance test and measurement and control application needs. It is ideal for high-speed measurements, data streaming, and high-channel-density system solutions. The chassis provides the full power of 500 W across the entire -20 to 55 °C extended temperature range. The AMC58103 is compatible with both PXI Express and CompactPCI Express modules. In addition, this chassis features four hybrid slots, which provide the added compatibility with standard PXI and CompactPCI modules.


For more information, please email amc1982@126.com.



Agilent M9393A PXIe performance vector signal analyzer

The new M9393A, the world’s fastest, most accurate high-performance PXIe VSA, offers analysis up to 27 GHz. The performance and frequency range of this instrument make it ideal for aerospace/defense manufacturing and deployment of transmitters and their components for MilCom, SatCom and Radar, as well as wireless design validation and manufacturing when higher frequencies are required for harmonics or spurs. 

The M9393A delivers performance previously unseen in modular:

  • Frequency coverage 9 kHz – 27 GHz
  • Analysis bandwidth up to 160 MHz
  • Absolute amplitude accuracy: +/- 0.15 dB
  • Frequency switching speed: 150 μs

For more information, click here.


NI PXIe-5646R vector signal transceiver

The PXIe-5646R extends the benefits of the software-designed instrument platform by providing new hardware capabilities to the Vector Signal Transceiver product family. Built on the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture, the PXIe-5646R provides a vector signal analyzer and vector signal generator with an industry leading 200 MHz of RF bandwidth while also leveraging the speed and flexibility of the user programmable FPGA. The high sample rate of 250 MS/s and resulting bandwidth enables the user to test the latest options included in the leading wireless and cellular standards like 802.11ac 160 MHz and LTE-A carrier aggregation while also leveraging the latest performance enhancing test optimization techniques such as digital pre-distortion and envelope tracking.

For more information, click here.


VPC 150 Amp High Power Contacts

VPC has developed a new High Power contact that reaches up to 150 Amps for your high current applications. Our High Power solution offers 360° of contact with low insertion force for quick and easy connections. Available in contacts and patchcords, which can be used in our PXI compatible 90 series products. 

For more information, click here.


OpenATE DPS16, 3U PXI High Voltage PMU/DPS


DPS16 offers high voltage PMU/DPS in a compact, 3U PXI form factor. It supports -1V to +10V +- 256 mA FVMI/FIMV modes. Every 8 PMUs can be ganged to DPS for high current driving. DPS16 has 2 ADC to measure 2 channels in parallel.

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February 2014


Conduant Big River™ DM-8M-3U storage unit for PXIe systems

Conduant Corporation, a leader in long-duration high-speed recording and playback systems, introduces the Big River™ DM-8M-3U storage unit delivering up to 8 terabytes of solid state storage for PXI Express (PXIe) based systems.  Featuring the latest mSATA module technology, the DM-8M-3U provides abundant, high capacity storage resources in a very small enclosure.

For more information, click here.


Applicos PA72D16180A 16-bit/180MSps digitizer daughter board

Applicos has released the PA72D16180A 16-bit/180MSps digitizer daughter board for their PA72 series flexible PXI generator/digitizer platform. The PA72D16180A succeeds the PA72D16180. New to the PA72D16180A is the addition of a 1MΩ input impedance selection, which also allows for higher input range voltages, up to 30V peak-to-peak. Also the input bandwidth is increased up to 170MHz.

The PA72 platform is a flexible platform. A baseboard provides basic functionality like PXI bus interfacing, power conditioning, clock generation, and calibration circuitry. Up to two daughter cards can be placed to add functionality like generators, digitizers, Digital I/O, Filtering and more. The baseboard is available in both PXI and PXIe. This means you can combine any function and any bus interface to specify the instrument you need.

For more information, click here.


NI PXIe-4139 System SMU

The new NI PXIe-4139 system source measure unit (SMU) combines the power, precision and speed in a single 3U PXI chassis providing industry leading density and speed.

  • 100fA current measurement sensitivity: Precisely characterize high-performance semiconductor devices.
  • 1.8 MS/s sampling rate: Capture transient device characteristics without an external scope.
  • Up to 17 SMU channels in 4U 19-inch rack space: Minimize test system footprint for high channel count systems.
  • NI SourceAdapt technology: Reduce transient times to improve overall test times, while protecting the device under test from overshoots and oscillations even on highly inductive or capacitive loads.

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January 2014


ADLINK PXIe-9852 High-speed Digitizer/Oscilloscope

Our 2-CH 14-bit 200 MS/s digitizer is designed for high frequency and wide dynamic range signals with an input frequency up to 90 MHz. With a PCI Express bus interface and ample onboard acquisition memory up to 1 GB, the PXIe-9852 easily manages simultaneous 2-CH data streaming. High speed and high linearity 14-bit A/D converters and high stable onboard reference enable the PXIe-9852 to provide both high accuracy and high dynamic performance, making it ideal for optical fiber and LIDAR testing, as well as video signal analysis.


For more information, click here


NI PXIe-2544 Solid-State Switch

The NI PXIe-2544 is a terminated, 8x1 multiplexer switch module suited for routing RF signals up to 6.6 GHz in production test applications. It features high-performance solid-state relays that offer unique benefits such as unlimited mechanical lifetime and fast switching time. Front-mounted SMA connectors provide easy connection to your RF devices, and the module features termination on every COM line and channel. The 50 Ω termination on the channel and COM lines helps minimize reflections of the RF signal and protect your instruments. 

  • 6.6 GHz: -6.0 dB insertion loss; VSWR of 1.6; 72 dB CH-COM isolation (typical)
  • Unlimited switch lifetime
  • Fast switching speed (122 μs)
  • 50 Ω termination on channel and COM lines
  • Ability to store RF path calibration information in NI Switch Executive

For more information, click here.   



November 2013


Agilent M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer

The Agilent M9391A PXIe vector signal analyzer (PXI VSA) provides frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 6 GHz with up to 160MHz bandwidth and works seamlessly with the M9381A PXI VSG. The combined PXI VSA/G provides a complete solution for fast, high quality measurements optimized for RF manufacturing test environments. In addition to the raw hardware speed enabled by Agilent's exclusive technology innovations, the PXI VSA produces similar quality measurements as traditional signal analyzers. Agilent's industry leading software applications further increase the efficiency of the PXI VSA, including faster versions of the X-series measurement applications.


For more information, click here.



Tabor Electronics Model 3180  180Vp-p PXI Signal Amplifier

Model 3180 was designed as a general purpose, wide band and high voltage amplifier, however, with specific applications in mind. It offers selectable gain of up to x50, with amplitudes of -90V to +90V and an output current of 150mA. With a large signal bandwidth of up to 300kHz and a small signal bandwidth of up to 1MHz the new TE3180 offers new possibilities to meet the requirements that couldn’t be met before in a PXI form format, without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.


For more information, click here.


Aemulus Launches Fast Settling Source Measurement Unit, Digital Pin Electronics, Waveform Generator, Time Measurement Unit for High Throughput Semiconductor Manufacturing Test

In order to address multi-site, high throughput production environment, Aemulus launches the 400e series of PXIe solutions. The newly launched series of PXIe solutions encompasses multiple source and measurement unit (SMU), digital pin electronics, time measurement unit and I/O modules. When combined and together with techFlow production software, they form a powerful test solutions to address the analog device testing market. 


For more information, click http://www.aemulus.com/4200.







NI PXIe-8135

Quickly Remove Storage Media with the NI PXIe-8135 with Removable Disk Drive

Declassifying a PXI system requires knowledge of all memory components in the system including chassis, controller, and modules. PXI embedded controllers feature nonvolatile storage in the form of a hard drive or a flash drive that retains user and system information even after the system is powered down. Because nonvolatile storage is required for the PXI embedded controller to operate, the NI PXIe-8135 with removable hard drive offers the ability to remove this storage media so that you can place it in a secure environment. Additionally, it allows systems to have separate, unique software images loaded onto the same station hardware. Both of these applications are ideal for engineers in the military and aerospace industries.

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October 2013

Aerospace Measurement & Control AMC58234-J PXI Smart Tablet

PXI smart tablet is a new generation of innovative PXI tablet instrumental product launched by CASIC. It integrates an embedded controller, a PXI/PXIe mixed slot chassis, a multipoint capacitive touch screen, LCD, various kinds of wired ports and other components, which makes it powerful in hardware expansion. The PXI smart tablet is designed in a concise style for the purpose of offering users a brand-new experience.

For more information, email amc1982@126.com.


Applicos PS48402 Dual-Channel Programmable Power Supply for PXI


Applicos has released the PS48402 dual-channel Programmable DC Power Supply in a single-slot PXI/cPCI form factor.

Key features are:

  • 2 channels of 80W max. each
  • 0-48V / 0-2A
  • Fully Isolated outputs
  • Low noise
  • High accuracy
  • 16-bit programming and read back of voltage and current
  • Integrated transient recorder
  • 4-wire connection
  • Flexible trigger options

For more information, click here.


Pickering Interfaces Introduces 16Amp PXI Switching Solution to Address High Current Applications

Pickering Interfaces continues to expand its range of PXI modules with the introduction of a new 3U 16Amp PXI switching module (model #40-161) allowing PXI systems to address high current applications.

The 40-161 PXI switching module is capable of switching currents up to 16Amp and voltages up to 300VDC/250VAC with hot switch power of 448W at 28VDC and 4000VA at 250VAC. It is available in configurations of 16, 12, or 10 SPST, or 12 or 6 SPDT relays and uses one or two GMCT style connectors.


For more information, click here


SignalCore SC5502A High-Performance 9 GHz Signal Source


SignalCore’s 9 GHz synthesized CW signal source brings instrument-grade performance to the PXI/cPCI Express platform, employing YIG-based, multiple phase-locked-loop architectures to meet demanding low phase noise applications in wireless test, research and defense. Frequency range is 50 MHz to 9 GHz with exact 1 Hz tuning resolution. Amplitude range is –60 to +10 dBm with 0.1 dB resolution. Phase noise on a 1 GHz carrier at offsets of 10 kHz and 1 MHz is –120 and –150 dBc/Hz, respectively. The SC5502A can phase-lock to an external reference and can export a selectable 10 MHz or 100 MHz clock for synchronization.

For more information, click here.


NI PXIe-8383mc PXImc adapter module

The NI PXIe-8383mc is the industry’s first PXImc module. Because of the excellent data transfer characteristics of PCI Express, PXImc enables PXI systems to transfer data at multigigabytes per second of practical data throughput with only a few microseconds of latency. This capability can help lower test times for automated production test systems that are computationally bound. With NI PXImc technology, engineers can spread floating-point processing across multiple CPUs in the system the same way fixed-point processing deploys across multiple FPGAs. It can also be used in applications such as real-time tests (or hardware-in-the-loop tests) and structural tests that need a large number of distributed PXI systems to share data with low latency.  The NI PXIe-8383mc uses a x8 PCI Express 2.0 link to provide up to 2.7 GB/s of data throughput and 5 µs of one-way latency. You can use this module to connect two PXI Express chassis—each with its own system controller—or a PXI Express chassis with a system controller to an external computer.  

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September 2013


New High-Density BRIC Large Matrix PXI Modules from Pickering Interfaces


Pickering Interfaces has further expanded its range of 2A large PXI matrices with the introduction of the 40-59640-597 and 40-598 high-density multi-slot BRICs. Each model sets new standards in the achievable density of PXI matrices with configurations of 6, 12, and 16 Y Axis connections and maximum X Axis connections of up to 464 (up to 3,072 matrix crosspoints). For the first time matrix sizes have been introduced at Y sizes of 6 and 12 to compliment the usual 4, 8 and 16 sizes; giving users further choice of Y axis size and maximizing the X axis size for each configuration.

For more information, click here.


Chroma 52405 Dual Independent & Isolated PXI Source Measure Unit


The new Chroma 52405 is a 3U PXI hybrid module, offering 2 SMU channels per single slot, with high performance features as follows:


  • On board hardware sequencing engine for triggering and synchronization
  • 4 Quadrant operation, FVMI and FIMV
  • 9 Voltage force/measure ranges, from ± 25V to ± 100mV
  • 9 Current force/measure ranges, ± 3.5A to 1µA.
  • 16 Loop bandwidth/slew rate selections
  • 8V/µSec min, 0 to 25V = 3.125uSec
  • 6 wire connection, ± Force, ± Sense, ±Guard


For more information, click here.


AMC4340 4-channel parallel dynamic data acquisition device


AMC4340 is a 4-channel parallel dynamic data acquisition device based on PXI bus. It is able to provide precision power supply for sensors and collect voltage signal within ±10V and current signal less than 24mA. It supports both AC and DC-coupling mode. Each channel contains a dedicated 24 bit, 204.8KSa/s analog-to-digital converter, and it can meet the demand of high-speed, high-precision application. 64MSa large onboard memory is used to ensure multichannel data acquisition continuously. AMC4340 can be widely applied in diesel generating set examination, engine testing and other control system.


For more information, email amc1982@126.com.


Applicos PXI Express baseboard for PA72 series


The Applicos PA72 platform is a modular platform for PXI Generators, Digitizers and more. A base board provides basic functionality like high-performance PLL-based clock generation, power conditioning, and of course PXI(e) bus communication. By placing one or two daughter cards, a complete signal acquisition instrument is formed. The baseboard, that was already available for PXI-1, is now also available for PXI Express. All daughter boards fit both baseboards, giving the customer freedom to choose the platform they prefer.

Available daughter boards:

PA72G16400 - 16-bit / 400Msps Arbitrary Waveform Generator
PA72G14180 - 14-bit / 180Msps Arbitrary Waveform Generator
PA72D16180 - 16-bit / 180Msps Digitizer
PA72D14130 - 14-bit / 130Msps Digitizer
PA72DIOS6016 and PA72DIOS6100 – Multifunctional FPGA-programmable Digital I/O
PA72BPF – Dual analog differential bandpass filter

For more information, click here.




NI FlexRIO FPGA Module for PXI Express

Improve the performance of your test system with the NI PXIe-7975R module, which uses the latest Kintex-7 FPGA technology to design advanced automated test and measurement systems to meet your complex needs. Take advantage of parallelism, performance, and the reconfigurable nature of the 7 Series FPGAs to perform more real-time processing and analysis to improve the performance of test systems. NI peer-to-peer streaming technology allows NI FlexRIO modules to act as coprocessors and take advantage of the parallelism of FPGAs to accelerate calculations from the host controller to lower test times. Thanks to its PCI Express x4 Gen 2 data bus, the new NI FlexRIO can transfer data back to a host processor at sustained rates of more than 1.6 GB/s: twice as fast as its predecessor.

For more information, click here.


July 2013

NI PXI Programmable Power Supplies


The NI PXIe-4112 and NI PXIe-4113 modules provide high power density that saves rack space while simplifying design by eliminating the need to mix multiple instrumentation form factors. These modules feature two 60 W power supply channels in a single PXI Express slot. The NI PXIe-4112 power supply features 60 V at 1 A per channel and the NI PXIe-4113 power supply offers 10 V at 6 A per channel. The two channels can be combined to create a single 120 W channel. When paired with a range of PXI hardware instrumentation, the new power supplies can help engineers create a complete, customized test solution.

For more information, click here.


ADLINK Introduces its First Quad-Core PXI Embedded Controller


PXI-3980 dual BIOS backup reduces maintenance costs, optimizing solutions for multitasking test and measurement applications

ADLINK’s first quad-core PXI embedded controller featuring the high-performance Intel® Core™ i7-2715QE 2.1 GHz processor, with up to 16 GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory, for seamless execution in multitasking environments and reduced test times. The PXI-3980 features dual BIOS backup to reduce maintenance costs, multiple interfaces for connecting and controlling a wide variety of standalone instruments, user-friendly access design for easy maintenance, and support for hybrid PXI-based testing system control.

For more information, click here.




June 2013

GuideTech GT8000TP

GT8000TP Multi-Channel, Low-Cost timing synchronization and Phase Measurement; TimeMonitor

With up to 34 Channels that are all synchronized to the same Master-Clock in a single 3U PXI chassis, measurements include TIE, MTIE, TDEV, ADEV, as well as all other TIA measurements such as Jitter measurements, PLL & Clock Jitter, Spread Spectrum Modulation, PLL Lock Time, Frequency, Period, Pulse-Width, Skew, Tpd, Rise/Fall Time, and more.


For more information, click here.  



DDC BU-67210T cPCI/PXI MIL-STD-1553 test card

Data Device Corporation (DDC) adds enhanced test and simulation functionality to the BU-67210T cPCI/PXI MIL-STD-1553 test card. In addition to variable output voltage, variable intermessage gap time, and error injection, the BU-67210T now offers enhanced triggering capability that can be used to trigger external devices in real time based on user defined events, making it a highly adaptable solution for production test labs. The BU-67210T offers one to four MIL-STD-1553 channels, and sixteen discrete I/O.

For more information, click here.




Chroma ATE PXI SMU Model 52405

The new Chroma 52405 is a 3U PXI hybrid module, offering 2 SMU channels per single slot, with high performance features as follows:

  • On board hardware sequencing engine for triggering and synchronization
  • 4 Quadrant Operation, FVMI and FIMV
  • 9 Voltage Force/Measure Ranges, from ± 25V to ± 100mV
  • 8 Current Force/Measure Ranges, ± 2.5A to 1µA.
  • 16 Loop Bandwidth/Slew Rate selections
  • 8V/µSec min, 0 to 25V = 3.125uSec
  • 6 wire connection, ± Force, ± Sense, ± Guard
  • 18bit ADC & DAC


For more information, click here.


Pickering 40-568 8 Slot BRIC

The 40-568 is a high density multi-slot BRIC occupying 2, 4 or 8 slots of a PXI chassis and provides a range of 1 pole matrix solutions from 75x4 to 600x4, substantially increasing the density of 2A matrices compared to competing solutions.

Pickering Interfaces BRIC structure allows the creation of large matrices in PXI over multiple slots without the use of expensive external cables. The fully integrated programming interface represents the matrix as a single entity, easing user programming and reducing the likelihood of user errors.


For more information, click here.



PhotonCom TZ PXI Development Toolset

PhotonCom’s TZ PXI is the BeagleBone like development card for PXI applications. It is an easy to use toolset that connects wide resources with the PXI ecosystem. Most open-source software grown around the Texas Instruments well supported family of AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor can be used with TZ. The PXI interface is implemented with Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA that, in addition, can be used to supplement the microprocessor capabilities with extra IOs and available logic. The application card is attached to the low size profile TZ PXI card using low profile 2x 120pin connectors and to the customizable front plate to maximize the end user options.

For more information, click here.



Geotest Marvin Test Solutions Adds 21-Slot PXI Express Chassis to Product Line


Marvin Test Solutions has expanded its PXI Express chassis product line with the addition the GX7200,  which  features the most slots in the industry and requires only a single slot for the controller, providing 20-slots for supporting PXI-1, PXI-hybrid, and PXIe modules.  The backplane architecture supports the use of both x1 or x4 system controllers and the system power supply provides 900 watts of system power. The GX7200 also incorporates Smart features which includes the monitoring of slot temperatures and system power supply voltages as well providing the ability to program or map each PXI trigger line from one PCI segment to another. In addition, the user can program the temperature monitoring function for specific warning and shutdown limits as well as monitor and control fan speed. All user specific setups can be stored in non-volatile memory as a user configuration and can be used as the default setup for normal chassis operation.



For more information click here


NI PXI Programmable Power Supplies

The NI PXIe-4112 and NI PXIe-4113 modules provide high power density that saves rack space while simplifying design by eliminating the need to mix multiple instrumentation form factors. These modules feature two 60 W power supply channels in a single PXI Express slot. The NI PXIe-4112 power supply features 60 V at 1 A per channel and the NI PXIe-4113 power supply offers 10 V at 6 A per channel. The two channels can be combined to create a single 120 W channel. When paired with a range of PXI hardware instrumentation, the new power supplies can help engineers create a complete, customized test solution.


For more information, click here.




May 2013

OpenATE PE16S, 3U PXI Digital IC tester with SPI, I2C and RFFE serial function

PE16S offers high performance pin electronics and an enhanced timing generator in one 3U PXI form factor. It has 16 programmable level input or output channels with 2 PMU and 2 DPS, supports programmable I/O levels from  -1V ~ +7V per channel. PE16S offers fully digital tester functions plus SPI, I2C and RFFE -Serial data engines. No more  serial pattern editing for serial port devices.

For more information, click here.



Meilhaus Electronic ME-5200 Series

The ME-5200 series for 3 U CompactPCI/PXI and PCI-Express has 8 full-differential analog inputs with 500 V (1 sec) floating galvanic isolation (no common GND). Available AD resolutions are 16 or 18 bit. The 18 bit models have an SNR of up to 105 dBm and sample rates up to 2 MS/s depending on the model. The input range is ±10,4 V, optionally ±104 V. The boards have an additional 8 bit digital-I/O port and can be expanded with add-on cards. Drivers are available for Windows, C, VB, Delphi, LabVIEW and others.

For more information, click here.


Amplicon PXIe-9848 High Speed Digitizer

The Amplicon Measurement & Control division announce the release of the new PXIe-9848 high speed digitizer, designed to deliver high-accuracy measurement results and dynamic performance. The PXIe-9848 is an 8-channel, 14-bit and 100 MS/s high speed digitizer with on-board memory of up to 512MB for massive data storage, which enables users to extend acquisition duration. This high performance digitizer has the capability to simultaneously stream data across all eight channels even at a full 100 MS/s sample rate; this unique feature makes it an ideal solution for applications such as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), radar signal acquisition, and PSU manufacturing testing.

For more information, click here.


Pickering Interfaces PXI 40-635 Multiplexers

Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of low cost PXI multiplexers with the introduction of the 40-635, a single slot 3U PXI module providing a range of cost effective multiplexer (MUX) configurations for general purpose test applications.

The 40-635 is available in large range of different configurations to meet many different applications. Configurations vary from a single 64:1 MUX to an octal 8:1 MUX for single pole configurations, a single 32:1 and dual 16:1 two pole MUX, a single 16:1 and dual 8:1 MUX with 4 poles and an 8:1 eight-pole MUX.

For more information, click here.


ZTEC ZT5211 Waveform Generator

Arbitrary waveform and function generator in PXI Express

The ZT5211 is now available in PXI Express. This dual-channel instrument is both an arbitrary waveform and function generator. It features a sampling rate of 200 MS/s, analog bandwidth of 50 MHz, 14 bits of resolution and a max record length of 32M. The ZT5211 can generate signals up to 14Vpp into 50 Ohm loads or 28 Vpp into high impedance.

For more information, click here.


NI FlexRIO Product Family

National Instruments expanded the NI FlexRIO product family, built on FPGA-based reconfigurable I/O (RIO), to more than 20 modules. Six new adapter modules add I/O including digitizer, signal generation and IF and RF transceiver capabilities. Engineers can pair these NI FlexRIO adapter modules with user-programmable FPGAs to solve almost any test application, from real-time spectrum monitoring and RF modulation/demodulation to signal intelligence and RF communication protocol prototyping.  Because these modules benefit from the parallelism and dataflow programming of the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture, they can be easily targeted by engineers without VHDL or Verilog knowledge. The combination of NI FlexRIO, LabVIEW system design software and access to more than 600 NI PXI modular instruments gives engineers a commercial off-the-shelf solution that can be customized using FPGA technology.



For more information, click here.




April 2013


ADLINK PXES-2780 High Capacity 18-slot PXI Express Chassis

With 10 hybrid peripheral slots, the PXES-2780 is ideal for a wide variety of test and measurement applications, including wireless and RF testing. The chassis’ innovative cooling system—dissipating 38.2W for each peripheral slot—and a high-quality independent power module for all rails together maximize operational reliability. The PXES-2780 provides a configurable PCIe switch fabric and is configurable in two-link and four-link PXI Express deployments, with 8 GB/s system bandwidth and up to 4 GB/s slot bandwidth for dedicated peripheral slots with PCIe gen2 signaling technology. With ADLINK’s software-configurable Intelligent Management Interface, users can easily monitor and manage test equipment and chassis settings.


For more information, click here.



NI PXIe-4145 Source Measure Unit

The NI PXIe-4145 is a high-channel-count, high precision source measure unit (SMU) with four SMU channels, each channel providing ±6 V at ±500 mA, with 10pA current measurement resolution. This module also features innovative NI SourceAdapt Technology that allows custom tuned SMU response to reactive loads or devices with fast load current changes - so that engineers can obtain ideal test instrument behavior while reducing test times and protecting the DUT.

  • 4 SMU channels per single-slot, 3U PXI Express module
  • 15 pA current measurement sensitivity
  • Continuous sampling of up to 600 kS/s
  • Onboard hardware sequencing engine for triggering and synchronization

For more information, click here.



Pickering Interfaces 40-501 Solid State Very High Density Matrix


Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of solid state PXI matrices with the introduction of the 40-501, a single slot 3U PXI module providing a high voltage 64x4 solid state matrix. The solid state relays used in 40-501 are rated to 100V with 150mA hot switch capability and the ability to withstand 350mA surges for 10ms on relay closure or during normal operation. This makes the module ideal for applications requiring frequent hot switching of high voltages carried on capacitive cables that might result in a limited operating life when using alternatives based on mechanical relays. The switching life is unlimited while used within ratings and the operating speed is comparable with reed relay solutions making it ideal for high volume tests where speed of operation is important.


For more information, click here.



VPC EMI Mass InterConnect


Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) can lead to problems in sensitive test equipment, causing reduced signal integrity and the possibility of component damage. VPC's receivers with EMI protection enables your test system to maintain signal integrity while protecting valuable instrumentation and test equipment, through the use of gasketing. By creating a secure seal between receiver and interchangeable test adapter (ITA), VPC’s test systems ensure a proper connection free from electromagnetic induction or radiation.



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