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PXI Newsletters

Our PXI Newsletter is distributed monthly and includes articles on applications and enhancements to the specifications.

The intent of the PXI Newsletter is to educate and inform you about how the PXI standard is being used in modular test systems for a wide variety of industries.  To be added to the PXI Newsletter mailing list, enter your email in the box below and click Join.

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Fundamentals of Building a Test System: Hardware and Measurement Abstraction LayersJanuary, 2018
Applications That Benefit from PXI OscilloscopesNovember, 2017
Smarter Automated Test SystemsSeptember, 2017
Overcoming 802.11ax Test ChallengesJuly, 2017
Fundamentals of Building a Test System: Switching and MultiplexingMay, 2017
Helping CERN Explore the Origins of the Universe and Improve our Future on EarthApril, 2017
Using a Digital Test Instrument to Emulate the SPI BusMarch, 2017
PXI in Multiport Device Test ApplicationsFebruary, 2017
High-Density Multiplexer Selected for Aircraft Lightning Protection TestingJanuary, 2017
PXI Helping Wireless Medical Devices CoexistNovember, 2016
Testing High Speed Ethernet & Fibre Channel Avionics SwitchesSeptember, 2016
Mass Interconnect Methods for PXI ATEJuly, 2016
PXI – Continued Success Delivering High-Performance, Functional Test SolutionsMay, 2016
Automated Test OutlookMarch, 2016
Case Study: Aircraft Lightning Protection TestingFebruary, 2016
Ensure PXI InteroperabilityJanuary, 2016
Bridging the Gap from Benchtop to PXIOctober, 2015
Improve PA/FEM Component Test EfficiencyOctober, 2015
PXI Products for Automotive ECU Fault InsertionSeptember, 2015
5 Things You Didn't Know About Your PXI Chassis (Part 3)July, 2015
More Test in Less Space:  Driving Down the Size of TestJune, 2015
Designing your first PXI test system? Start inside out.May, 2015
Case Study Using PXIApril, 2015
The First Gen 3 PXI Embedded Controller and Chassis in the IndustryMarch, 2015
When Exposed to IoT, Big Iron ATE Will RustFebruary, 2015

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